The Golden Paws

credits: Red Dawns Festival

The Golden Paws are an occational queer DJ collective based in Linz&Vienna, consisting of Vanessa, Amina and Momo, the drag persona of Amina. after being friends for ages they have decided to create something out of their passion for music: The Golden Paws. in opposition to rigid boundaries, they try to find the right soundtrack for a good party – in doing so they don’t care much about limits concerning musical styles and the necessity for (pseudo-)professionalism. in return, they try to push music created and themed from and by women, other trans folks, queers and underdogs, without limiting themselves only to that or demonizing mainstream music. and all this comes with a lot of gold glitter. if you are hosting a queer (friendly) party you can always ask us nicely if we put some records on for you.




1.7.2017: SCHÄXPIR Nightline: KLUB CLUB 2017 „REFLECTION OVERLOAD“ @ OK Mediendeck, Linz
11.03.2017: BRAVO-HITS Party @ Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine, Linz
9.10.2016: Kometa CD Release Party @ Venster, Vienna
2.10.2016: ÖGGF Jahrestagung – Abendveranstaltungen @ Kunstuniversität, Linz
29.5.2015: @ Das Au, Vienna
25.5.2015: Theaterflucht Benefizkonzert Aftershow @ Fluc, Vienna
6.3.2015: 17th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, @ Menza Pri Koritu, Ljubljana