In Iridescent Iteration

a lure-dance paired with a work out on chewing gum

In iridescent Iteration involves and explores the harmonies and dissonances between alpine rituals, Schuhplatteln, self- optimization and fitness cult, Aerobic, goat figures and processes of artistic production.

Traditional alpine vocal techniques like jodeling are mixed with pop music features and are connected to a new vocal form. Arranged in repetetive and simple harmonies similar to jodeling and pop music.

By appropriating and fragmneting the movement material of Areobic and Schuhplatteln a new independent lure-dance emerges. Possibly the lure-dance will attract queer-feminist goat creatures. New dances and songs are combined to a ritual of self-empowerment, agency and celebrations of pleasure.

Iterative processes are used as a tool to evolve new and diversity of signification.

(c) Asher Fynn
(c) Asher Fynn

Published by Amina Lehner